The Festival of Love at the Southbank Centre, Summer 2015.

Today I thought I’d share an event that happened at the Southbank Centre in London about a year ago. Although it’s a little out of date I constantly refer back to this artist for inspiration and therefore I feel it may be of interest to you. Southbank Centre’s Festival of Love took place between the 6 of June and the 31 of August in 2015. Although there were many events going on during this period, the ‘Love and Liquid Fire’ exhibit stood out to me. It showed the beautiful neon light creations by Chris Bracey, also known as ‘Neon Man’ or ‘master of the glow’.


It was initially his father who introduced him to neon signs, as he created them for fairgrounds and amusement parks. However it wasn’t until Chris saw an exhibition by American artist Bruce Nauman at the Hayward Gallery in 1969, that he realised that neon signs could also be used as an art form.


Chris began to pursue this full time, after giving up his work as a graphic designer, producing signs for Soho’s bars and clubs. This led on to major success within the film industry, creating neon signs for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999).


Chris’ incredible legacy is left behind by his dreamy and cult-status creations, after he died in November of 2014.

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