The Next Chapter: Ravensbourne

Today marks the hand in of my Final Major Project for my art foundation year. This led me to start thinking about what the next academic year will hold for me. So far I am set to attend Ravensbourne University in London to study Fashion Promotion.

I feel so lucky to be attending Ravensbourne come September as when I visited the building I loved the atmosphere and environment. The building is right next to the 02 arena in Greenwich, a busy and beautiful part of London. The building was designed by Farshid Moussavi and won the RIBA award for most innovative Higher education building in London in 2011 due to its unique architecture and open-plan interior.

Another aspect that gives me confidence in the course was that it was the most challenging interview I had out of the five I went through – including Central St Martins! I was interviewed by two of the course leaders, Chantelle Morton and Jemma Sawyer, who were not only kind and respectful but asked incredibly challenging questions, which were stressful at the time but I felt it showed that they really wanted to get a sense of the person who is applying to their course. I felt this did not happen at other interviews where I often felt I didn’t have enough time to explain my work at all.

I am looking forward to attending University as it will be an entirely new experience for me, however I must admit I am also terrified, mostly about the social side of things. Despite this, I understand that it is something I must pursue as it is going to be a huge experience and will hopefully prepare me for a career in the fashion industry, which is ultimately what I dream of.

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