The UWE Degree Show: My favourite pieces

Last week I visited the UWE degree show at Bower Ashton, which consists of the final work produced by third year students. I have visited the UWE show every year for a while now, as my dad teaches on one of the courses and my cousin and brother have attended UWE in previous years, so I am quite familiar with the courses and the high level of work that is usually produced.

I always enjoy looking at the work produced by the students so I decided to share with you some of my favourite pieces from the Illustration students and a few from the MA printmaking course, as I would have loved to have taken a few pieces home myself!

Illustration – BA(Hons)

I gravitated towards the work of Jennifer Lewis due to her delicate zines in millennial pink and embossed intricate pieces. The subtlety was what appealed to me.


Work by Lottie Vanns

I loved these quirky pots by Lottie Vanns, which were displayed in a glass cylinder. Having suddenly found an enthusiasm for house plants I had been looking for some unique and unconventional pots to plant them in, these little face ceramics definitely fit the bill!


Work by Hui Yi Koh

Hui Yi Koh also displayed some more realistic pieces other than the piece shown above, however as usual I preferred the looser pen studies. This is often the case as I don’t tend to like work that is too polished and I often find I prefer the less self-conscious developmental work.

I adored these wacky posters by Rose Westcot, as I couldn’t help but think how great they would look in simple black frames arranged on a white gallery wall.  Also look how amazing her overall display is! It definitely stood out amongst others.


Work by Elena Hayward

To be honest, I just freaking love Louis Theroux and cheesy puns, so this couldn’t get more perfect for me.


Work by Mary Moon

In this case, the fact that the illustrations were on tiles was the appeal for me here, as I felt they would look great in an actual bathroom setting, I can especially picture them in the London restaurant Sketch, as I feel these tiles mirror the walls covered with David Shrigley’s sketches.

Printmaking – MA


Work by Linda Parr

Again, what appealed to me here wasn’t necessarily the work itself but the depressing and cynical connotations of the quote, I weirdly like stuff like that. I have a postcard in my bedroom that reads ‘Another year closer to death’, which acts as my memento mori.


Work by Sophie Willoughby

I liked the graphic fragmented quality to Sophie’s work and how she was heavily inspired by architecture, shown through the structure within her pieces and the use of space.

My favourite body of work out of the entire show was that of Clare Wyatt. Her pieces were graphically modern however featured pictures of a Madonna-like figure often associated with religion and tradition. She montaged this religious figure with different colours, textures and shapes, changing the garments the figure wore by varying the small individual prints. My favourite of hers however was her larger piece which seemed to interlace all of her work into one, causing it to almost look like it had been stitched together to create an appliqué of photographic and print elements.


Which piece of work was your favourite?


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