Who are the people?

Vox Populi = The voice of the people

On my University course we were recently asked to study a group of people who attended a specific event. The intention of this study was to observe a similarity or link amongst a specific group of people, to prove that as a society we divide up into ‘tribes’. It was suggested we go to an exhibition, music venue or even a specific department store to perform this ethnographic research. I however, decided to attend a protest.
The following is a short film recording the diverse group of people who attended the silent walk for Grenfell Tower on the 14th of October 2017. Due to the “silent” aspect of this protest and my crippling shyness, the video is devoid of any interviews, however I still feel a lot can be told about the people simply from the visuals. Everyone differed from age, race, religion, class, and therefore I am unsure whether we can be defined as a ‘tribe’. However we all had one thing in common, we had all been moved in some way by the lives lost in Grenfell Tower and we perhaps felt we all had a responsibility to show society that we cared.

This is the result:


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