The most likely questions that will come up in your undergraduate fashion interview

And yes, I was asked all of the following questions in my interviews.

Picture this, you’ve been spending the last few months building a portfolio, applying to UCAS and perhaps even revising for your A-Level exams. You finally select the five Universities of your choice and perfect your personal statement. A little while later you start receiving notifications of Universities inviting you to interview, yay! But suddenly the realisation dawns on you that your work can no longer be used to hide behind, and instead they want to see you talk the talk. I was in this position about a year ago after applying for various Fashion Promotion/Communication courses, and I began to frantically try to predict what I would be asked.

An hour before one of my interviews I suddenly thought of a question that seemed extremely likely, “Talk about a favourite recent fashion campaign”. I know this seems the sort of topic I should know, but if I liked a campaign I could only describe it, I couldn’t recall the date, season, whether it was prêt-a-porter or haute couture, the photographer e.t.c. So I frantically searched online and chose a recent Miu Miu campaign of which I memorised every relevant detail about it. And lo and behold, the question came up on a very intense group interview, and I began to particularly count my blessings when one girl mumbled through the question mentioning something along the lines of “Umm, I liked the Hermes campaign…when they use the horses…”

As I completed each interview I memorised the questions I had been asked and wrote them down in case I was asked them on the next, below is this list. I hope for those of you who are perhaps worrying about being interrogated by fashion lecturers, that you will at least feel ahead of the game after reading the following most likely fashion interview questions:

How will the fashion industry change over the next 5 years?
What effect will the Internet have on the fashion industry?
Why study here? Was it due to the reputation of the college?
What is your favourite recent fashion campaign?
Give us an example of a successful and strong brand.
What store needs a rebrand?
What current issues are within fashion?
What figure do you think is an influencer and what effect have they had on current issues within fashion?
What is your favourite fashion magazine?
Why should we take you on?
What recent exhibitions have you seen?
Can you explain why you chose what you are wearing today?
What was the last thing you read? (e.g. blog post, article, novel e.t.c)
Have you been keeping up with the current fashion week?
Did you attend an open day and have you looked at our website?
Where do you get inspiration from?
What would be your dream job, say in the next five years?
In the news, what do you hope for 2017?
What are some new Fashion Communication/Promotion ideas?

What are some questions you have been asked in fashion interviews? Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

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