City Lights: A five-minute​ photo shoot ​

Outfit details at the end of the post.

At the beginning of my second term at University, we were required to complete a photoshoot inspired by the hedonistic night-life of the ‘Studio 54’ era, a club that defined the party spirit of the late seventies. Alongside this, we were required to complete a mood board, compiling images of Bianca Jagger, an icon of Studio 54, and photos that reflected the ‘over the top’ glamour of the late seventies, including some images from high street brands who have mirrored the style of the 70’s in today’s trends. Below is the outcome of my mood board compiling imagery from Vogue, Primark e.t.c.


Compilation of images from sources such as Vogue, Primark, Tim Walker, Pinterest, Harpers Bazaar, BBC e.t.c. I do not own these images, however, I did create the montage.

Unfortunately, due to time pressure, I did not complete as much of a ‘glamorous and hedonistic’ photographic atmosphere as I would have liked, despite this I am very happy with the pictures of the photoshoot, as this was my first experience of shooting in low light and using the flash. I also took very little time to take the photographs, as assuming I ignore the time used to dress the subject, get the lighting and camera settings correct, the photoshoot couldn’t have been more than five minutes.

I feel the photographs do portray a similar vibe to the brief, due to the low light giving the image a ‘late evening’ ambience as if the subject is getting in the mood to let loose on a night amongst the bright lights of the city.


I really like the expression of the model in the two photographs below due to her poses, such as the slight tilt back of the head. I feel this subtle body language portrays a strong sense of attitude and confidence.



In the next few photographs, I decided to experiment with focusing on the subject’s reflection, rather than the subject herself, as I found the blur and refraction of the image created a ‘moody’ atmosphere. I also like how the blur creates an almost ‘filmic’ image. Another interesting aspect is the layering of the city lights and the subject, and how the combination results in a beautiful yet surreal product.



For the next photos, I decided to include a lightbox with the typography ‘normal is boring’ to capture the wild and ‘no rules’ philosophy of the Studio 54 night-life. In the second photograph, I decided to try to use the lightbox to illuminate the subject’s face. As with all the photos, I edited them within Adobe Photoshop, adjusting the levels and adding a blue-green tint to create a ‘vintage’ vibe, in an effort to reference the 70’s. If I had the skills, I would also edit out the section of the orange chair that appears in the photo below.



Overall, although this shoot may not be to some people’s taste, I am very pleased with it. Part of the reasoning behind why I am proud of this photoshoot is due to the limited time it took to capture, and the fact that I am pretty new and inexperienced when it comes to photography, especially when working with a model and low-light.

For those interested, the details of the styling are below:

Embellished top – Topshop

Sheer black top – Urban Outfitters

Ripped jeans – Topshop Jamie jeans


Camera: Canon DSLR 800D

Model: Kenie Geow

What did you think of this photoshoot? Any constructive criticism that I could use to help with my technique? Comment down below!

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