Margate: The weird and the wonderful

There are few places in the UK that pose such an interesting juxtaposition as the melancholy seaside town of Margate. The bankrupt shops that we assumed had been erased from the face of the British High Street years ago, such as Woolworths and Wimpy Burger remain, with decrepit exteriors that are still instantly recognisable from the faded typography. However, a simple turn in the street can seem like an entirely different town, as you become confronted by gentrified shops that wouldn’t look out of place on the infamous ‘Lanes’ in Brighton.

Margate seems on the cusp of house prices rapidly increasing, a strange point in time just before it becomes more ‘trendy’ and ‘attractive’ to tourists, as realtors catch on to the opportunity for the huge profit up for grabs. 

There is something sad about this inevitable gentrification, as the slightly outdated and deteriorating aspects of Margate are actually what make it interesting and authentic, untouched by the contrived manufacture of a town designed for retail opportunities. However, there is a part of me that’s excited for the development of the Town, I just hope they don’t erase Margate’s slightly weird yet wonderful charm.








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