PXL LDN: Week 1

As the final term of year two begins, it is time to undertake a new project. This term, we are tasked to re-brand and re-launch the platform ‘PXL LDN’ an agency for creatives put in motion two years ago by the second year students at Ravensbourne University. We are the third year to take over PXL LDN, as previous years have collaborated with Somerset House and Hunter Collective, we will be re-launching PXL in partnership with the sportswear company Ellesse.

Unfortunately, I was absent in the first week, however, I was able to look over the project brief and complete a SWOT Analysis on last year’s branding of the PXL LDN agency, which can be seen below.

PIXEL LONDON SWOT (Mila Embury)I found the PXL LDN branding for 2018, to be very clear in terms of its style and aesthetic, however, it isn’t something I would personally choose. I also noticed quite a few spelling mistakes which should have been spotted within the dossier.

I have been allocated to the Editorial team, where we will manage the written and visual content for the agency. However, initially, we are expected to create an entire dossier for PXL LDN as a group, whilst the other teams create their own individual dossiers. I will begin working on this dossier in the following week.

I am looking forward to working within the editorial team as I feel it is quite a creative area, however, I do often struggle to put myself forward when I’m working in groups. I’m great at contributing and helping to push other people’s ideas, however, I often neglect my own. This is my own fault as I fear the responsibility of other people relying on the success of my own idea, therefore I rarely put my own ideas forward. This being said, there are quite a few people in this group who I feel have a great eye and I trust to make good creative and aesthetic decisions.


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