PXL LDN: Week 2

For week 2, myself and the rest of our group began to finalise our ideas and branding for PXL LDN to create our own dossier. The part we most struggled with was the branding of our agency as it was difficult to come up with a logo which was both simple and effective. Initially, we had a logo with a green box, however, after a lecture and discussion with Stewart from Beatnik, we decided to change the branding. I suggested a Yves Klein blue for the branding, this then developed into a lighter, brighter blue which will be used as a splash of colour alongside the minimal black. Our final logo was designed by Kiran, who also put together the presentation.

I felt a lot of people were hesitant to receive criticism from Stewart, not just in my own group but in others. But in all honesty, I felt we needed that honest criticism, as we were initially going with a logo that I really didn’t like and the rest of the group didn’t, but we were all hesitant to admit it. Stewart’s criticism though may have been tough to hear was what drove us to create a better logo.

Charlie illustrated the graphics and imagery whilst the rest of us each worked on a section of the brief that needed to be done. I worked on completing the KPI’s for our presentation, below which you can see the work.

PXL LDN | Key Performance Indicators


As an agency, we will monitor the analytics, interaction and growth of our social media channels, website and event.

The following figures are targets for the amount of interaction we expect PXL LDN to receive in the first eight weeks of launching.



Number Of Users – 500

Average Time Spent On The Website – 6 Minutes

Once we launch we will also begin to monitor:

Number of visitors from direct search

Number of visitors from social

Number of visitors from organic search

Number of visitors who have been referred



Total Follower Count — 15% Increase In Followers

Average number of weekly engagements

Average number of likes on posts – 50 Likes

Average number of views on videos – 100 Views

Average number of views on stories – 150 Views

Number of interactions that use PXL LDN’s unique hashtag – 30 interactions



Total number of subscribers to PXL LDN WeChat Account – 15



Average Number Of App Downloads Per Week – 5


Event Stats

Number Of Interactions On Eventbrite – 150

Number Of Event Attendees – 100


I felt the main contributors to the dossier was Kiran and Charlie, as Kiran worked on the entire layout, design and logo of the dossier including some of the points on the brief and Charlie completed a point on the brief alongside the illustrations within the presentation.

I felt I had quite a limited contribution as I only did the KPI’s and attempted some logo designs (as shown in banner image) however, I always offered to help, but Kiran was happy with the workload and always assured me that she wanted to do the dossier. I also came into every lecture and session when we planned to meet up to make sure everyone knew that if they needed me to help with something extra I would be happy to.

In the following week, we will be presenting our dossier to the rest of our course, whilst also seeing what the other groups have done for their own dossiers.

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