PXL LDN: Week 3

As the project progressed into its third week, it was time for each of the five groups (Editorial, Events, Research, Branding and Website/Social Media) to present their own individual dossiers to the rest of the course. Our group met up on Monday to go through our presentation and a few of us came in early on Tuesday to prepare. I personally always try to come in early on the morning of a presentation as I feel a lot more confident if I have had time that day to go over what I’m saying.

The group I was in, ‘Editorial’, went first as I immediately stuck my hand up when our lecturers asked for volunteers who wanted to present. I find I prefer presenting at the beginning as it allows you to perform before the nerves get the best of you and affect the quality of your presentation. I feel fairly confident when speaking, yet sometimes I wonder whether if I presented as the third or fourth group I would be overcome with nerves. Luckily my group agreed with this and told me to step forward if we were given the choice to present first.

During the presentation, I read my slide which was the KPI’s. I feel the presentation went well, we all spoke confidently with no hesitations, however, in hindsight our presentation may have been lacking some of the bold, colourful design features that a few other groups showed. That being said, I personally liked our minimal approach to the design and our logo. I felt Kiran’s design and layout looked great whilst Charlie’s illustrations added a little something extra to the overall aesthetic of our dossier. After the presentations, the team leaders got together to form the final dossier, selecting the final branding, logo and information for PXL LDN 2019, ready to present to Pentland, the business that owns sportswear brand Ellesse.

Personally, I would have chosen the website group’s dossier branding, however, the group that was chosen to complete the overall dossier ended up making the outcome look very bold, young and effective.

Logo and branding by Kiran Samra and illustrations by Charlie Greening.

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