PXL LDN: Week 4

After finalising the dossier last week, we ventured into the fourth week of the PXL LDN project which involved presenting to Pentland, (the business that owns Athleisure Ellesse) and the beginning of working on our roles within the PXL LDN agency.

On Tuesday afternoon, our course made our way over to Finchley to receive a tour of the Pentland Brands Limited building and for the Team Leaders to present the final dossier to members of the Pentland and Ellesse team. The group did a fantastic job at presenting as they came across as clear and confident, seemingly impressing the Pentland team who then delivered their own presentation. The tour of the building was also a great insight into the business, as the fully equipped gym, pool and amazing workspaces implied the healthy and creative mindsets of the individuals who worked there. I felt the trip made me and others feel more motivated to make PXL LDN as good as possible, as the words of encouragement and the reaction of the Pentland and Ellesse team to our dossier made us feel inspired and confident that we could make something really exciting from it.

As the rest of the week unfolded, within our Editorial team we began to develop shoot concepts and ideas. Together we contributed to Pinterest boards which we then formed physical mood boards from. Below is a mood board I compiled of inspiration for the poses that would be performed at the shoot.


Together we decided on a yoga-inspired Ellesse shoot, photographed by Sacha and styled by Kiran, with the rest of us helping with the overall running of the shoot. Initially we had plans to do it at the Hot Yoga Studio, however, it turned out that this venue was unavailable for the time we wanted, which triggered a search for a new studio to shoot in. I then began to put together a call sheet for the occasion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 20.29.48

So far I feel happy with how our team is working together, I feel Kiran is a good team leader as her creative eye, leadership skills and honesty all contribute to the success and progress of our team.

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