PXL LDN: Week 5

Week 5 of this project marks passing the halfway point of this unit. Due to this, how the remaining time is spent is very crucial to the success of PXL.

On Tuesday, I started filling out the risk assessment to book a room for our planned shoot on Saturday. On the afternoon, myself, Christina, Charlie and Rokas all travelled to Central Finchley to collect the clothes that Ellesse was kind enough to give to us to use within our shoot. It was a long way to go, however, the promise of free clothes made the trip worth it, as we were pleasantly surprised by the large quantity that was given to us to use and keep. Once we got back we began to sort through the items, so that the stylist for the shoot, Kiran, could begin to decide what she wanted to style.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 10.45.38

I felt reassured that we had the Ellesse, yoga-inspired shoot scheduled for the forthcoming Saturday as it was a piece of content that was set in stone when most of the other forms of content we had spoken about were still just ideas. The fact that this was the only piece of content we had set up that was definite, made me nervous, as I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the branding team and the website team would come asking for imagery and perhaps written pieces too.

On Wednesday, we all began to individually come up with ideas for producing editorial content. I found this quite stressful due to the thought of the pressure and responsibility of making promises on content which I was unsure if I could actually deliver. However, I decided to ignore that feeling of doubt and volunteer to interview Ravensbourne graduates as a piece of PXL LDN content to be posted on the ‘blog’ section of the website.

Later that day Jane expressed her frustration of feeling like she wasn’t actually doing anything constructive when she came into university, she felt as if she had nothing to do. To combat this she suggested to organise and plan another editorial group shoot that we would all do together. I loved this idea, as I didn’t like the idea of exclusively coming up with content individually from then on. I encouraged Jane’s idea and suggested the shoot to be inspired by PXL LDN’s distinctive branding, to make the imagery relevant to our agency. Kiran began to mind map the concept of the shoot, with all of us deciding on a futuristic, digital, blade runner aesthetic to match the PXL LDN branding. We decided to shoot on a location this time rather than in a studio and I suggested the Lloyds building as a possible idea, due to it’s “space-age” structure.

After helping Jane pick up the kit from the CLR on Friday evening and my risk assessment being approved, I made my way into Ravensbourne on Saturday morning. I arrived in the room we were shooting in just before 10:00am, where Jane, Kiran and Elouise were already there, setting up the equipment. Even though no one asked, I decided to bring in a smaller backdrop and stand for the still life, just in case we didn’t have time to use the larger backdrop where the main shoot was going on. I’m glad I decided to bring this in as some of us could work on the still life, whilst others worked with the models with the bigger CLR backdrop, making efficient use of the time we had.

I haven’t yet seen the images taken from the shoot, however, I have confidence in the photographers Sacha and Elouise, so I know the images are going to be good. Overall, I was happy with how the photo shoot went, my only negative take away is that it reminded me how low my confidence levels are when it comes to making creative decisions. For example, the still life shoot was put into the hands of a few of us who weren’t needed on the main shoot with the models. I would have loved to do some creative direction with the still life however, I allowed other people to take the creative lead as they seemed much more confident when setting up the objects and taking the photos. I did, however, manage to get one shot over the shoulder of someone else who was shooting the still-life which you can see below.


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