PXL LDN: Week 6

Week 6 of this project was mostly spent preparing for the PXL inspired shoot, which we had all decided on in the previous week. Some individuals in the group expressed their frustration at the unnecessary amount of people who were at the Ellesse shoot that we had done at Ravensbourne, therefore we decided to keep the number of people on this shoot to a minimum. Initially, Jane had suggested this shoot, however, with her absence from university, myself and Eden took the reigns, with plans for Christina and Valery to help out.

In regards to who would act as the photographer on this shoot, a few people encouraged me to do it. I wasn’t sure how to respond at first, as I felt very conflicted. On the one hand, I loved the idea of the opportunity to take the photos, however, I felt a very strong reluctance to do so due to my lack of experience as a photographer and the huge amount of responsibility and pressure I would have to take on with the job. After, some comments by the rest of the group on how there was a limited amount of time and how we could always edit the images I decided to take a leap of faith and agree to the task at hand. With that decided, Eden then became the stylist for the shoot, as she has had some experience handling this job before. Eden suggested placing tin foil over the face of the model, as the tin foil was included within the PXL branding such as in the dossier and invitation designs. Kiran had already put together some mood boards on futuristic themes the week before, so we continued to build on them and refine the images and ideas.

Initially, this shoot was considered secondary to the Ellesse shoot. It was intended to be a side project to add to the amount of content being produced. However as the week progressed, more pressure was added to the success of this photoshoot as our tutor seemed to want to limit the amount of exposure given to the brand Ellesse. As the focus shifted to the PXL shoot, I started to feel a little panicked about the increasing amount of responsibility and accountability I had for the end product. However, time was limited to overthink it, and the date of the shoot was moved from the Thursday (which we already felt was too soon) to the Tuesday before it. This was due to the decision that the images from the shoot would go on banners at the event, something which we were previously unaware of, therefore we now had a print deadline for the photos. This meant we were going to have to act fast to organise everything for the shoot and to ensure we were prepared.

On one of the ’roundups’, (a chance for each group to inform the rest of the course what they were up to) I went to the front of the class to show our mood boards and ideas for the photoshoot, we received no doubt or criticism from the rest of the group so we presumed they were happy with the overarching ideas and concepts.

A past Ravensbourne Fashion Promotion student came in on Wednesday, to go round each group to help with ideas. When she came round to our group we told her our ideas and she suggested getting things to block/section out the background such as transparent, coloured cellophane. She also suggested taping emergency foil blankets together to create a backdrop. We had already decided to purchase emergency foil blankets for the shoot but after chatting with her we also purchased a transparent shower curtain and green cellophane (to match PXL’s logo colour).

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 09.58.40

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 09.58.47

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 09.58.54

To prepare for the photoshoot which was scheduled for the following Tuesday, I decided to visit a family friend who is experienced within the photography and fashion world. He helped me by going through my mood boards and inspiration, alongside advising me on camera settings and techniques. This refreshed my memory and gave me more confidence in using the manual setting on my camera.

Then on Sunday, I decided to visit the photo shoot locations, so when it was the actual day of the shoot I would know exactly where I wanted to go and photograph. Firstly, I stopped off at Canary Wharf as someone in our group had mentioned that it may be a possible ‘futuristic’ location. After wandering around the area and not finding any interesting locations I decided to move on to Bank, where the Lloyds Building is situated. I spent a couple of hours in this area, trying to think about certain angles I would like to capture and picturing where the model would be situated in the frame. After circling the building I decided to take one last stop at Westminster tube station, which is known for it’s incredibly interesting and industrial structure. After briefly looking at the station, I realised that most of the striking parts of the station’s architecture were incredibly high up, therefore would be difficult to get in the frame alongside a model. After arriving at home, I went through the images and put together a PDF of some of the possible locations/areas of the Lloyds building that would be good to use in the shoot. Click the link below to see them.

Lloyds Building Location Ideas

I then spent the rest of the weekend studying photography books and making notes so I could be as prepared as possible.

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