PXL LDN: Week 9 | My Formal Reflection

Formal Reflection

The following is a formal response to my project brief.


During this Creative Collaboration unit, I have worked within the Editorial Team for the creative agency PXL. As the Editorial Team, we were expected to produce content for the agency, including written and photographic pieces to be published on the website, social media and to be used for the event. Throughout the nine weeks, I have tried to contribute towards team ideas and tasks as much as possible. I made sure to work as a team-player throughout this project, however especially in the first few weeks, as I mostly supported other’s ideas and creative work. This may be due to the fact that I was absent the first week of the project, due to clashes with pre-planned family holidays. Therefore, I missed the introduction of the brief and the project thus resulting in me being behind and missing early group decisions from the start. Therefore, when I returned for the following week, I was definitely more inclined to follow what others were proposing, due to my initial confusion of the task at hand.

Following on from this, my independent contribution towards my group’s dossier was completing the KPI section, as most of the other tasks had already been divvied up during my absence. Apart from this I also helped with logo designs, general group decision making and feedback on the overall design of the dossier, including a group meet up in University when we didn’t have a lecture, to go through our dossier to ensure we all understood what we were presenting. I also made sure I was present for the dossier presentation and I spoke to the class about the KPI’s, as this was the slide that I had personally written.

My contributions towards the Ellesse x PXL photoshoot includes booking the room where the shoot was to be held, alongside completing the risk assessment for it. On the day prior to the shoot, I joined Jane (who had booked the equipment out) at University to help her carry the equipment back to her place. I also attended the shoot from 10:00 am until the end of the day and brought along a small backdrop and stand which was used for some of the smaller still life shots. Furthermore, I brought along objects to be used in the still life e.g. mirrors, fruit e.t.c. I also helped with assisting with the lighting, backdrop, clear-up, alongside my other team members. Myself and Jane also came up with the idea to bring in some of the old technology that we found outside the room, which was then used in the final shots.

Additionally, one of my biggest contributions was towards the Gen Glitch photoshoot, for which I helped to generate ideas for, by creating mood boards and discussing potential locations with my teammates. For this shoot, myself and Eden worked on the overall look, with Eden looking into the styling and aesthetic aspects of the shoot, whilst Christina assisted on the day of the shoot and Valery modelled. I also completed a test shoot, by exploring the locations in advance, and brushing up on any technical photography skills. Moreover, I booked equipment for the shoot, photographed it and helped Eden with the edit of the images.

Collaborating with those within my editorial team was enjoyable, as I felt though it was hard to balance the amount of work equally between each team member, I found that I felt there was always someone in my group that I could turn to for help. Collaboration is always an aspect of working which is difficult, especially when involving people with strong opinions, that being said, I feel we collaborated and worked together well within our team. Our group successes are partly attributed to our team leader Kiran, as she was great at managing our group and being fair but firm when she needed to be.

A success that has come from this project would have to be the two main photoshoots we produced, the Ellesse x PXL and the Gen Glitch. This would not necessarily be because of the final product but because of the amount of preparation and planning that these took and how although they began as merely ideas, they both came into fruition.

As a group, we could have perhaps improved upon planning our content, as I feel we should have produced at least one more ‘main’ photoshoot. However, due to a lack of planning and perhaps hesitation of taking on more work and responsibilities, a third group photo shoot was never suggested. Independently, I feel I could have been better at producing interview content. I take responsibility for this, as I had planned to do interviews, however, in the end, I only contacted one person, who although initially agreed to do the interview, ended up not replying before hand-in.


My approach towards creating content for the PXL website was from an editorial standpoint, as the Web & PR team handled and created the entire look, design and technical aspects of the website. Content that I was involved with includes the Ellesse x PXL photoshoot images and the Gen Glitch images and written work which were uploaded to the ‘News’ section of the website. Besides this, I ensured I was in University on the days that the Web and PR team planned to have our pictures taken for the website and on the days that they planned to film us with a done for the website’s film. I also filled out my curator profile for the online ‘Us’ section. In hindsight, I would have liked to have produced more visual content for the website. I also feel it would have been a good idea to scan in the Zine and post the images on the website. I also did intend to have an interview with FYI’s founder, however, although she initially confirmed to do the interview, in the end, she didn’t get back to me on time, but this was understandable as she is very busy with her own projects and deadlines.

I will use the experience I attained from this project to enhance my online profile by including my role at PXL on my LinkedIn account to improve the variety of my work experience in an effort to engage possible future employers. I have also talked about my experience on my blog and I will continue to upload images that I produced during this project, therefore this will also improve my online profile. My experience will also enhance my offline profile as it has made me more confident in my abilities, therefore I will hopefully show this when networking. It also means that I can mention my experience within an editorial team at future internship or job interviews. From the process of creating content for the website, I learnt how important it is to stagger the timings of producing the content, so there is a constant stream of work being produced, rather than all of it being uploaded to the website at the end.

In response to my role during this project, I would position myself as a junior editor within the freelance job market. This would be the closest equivalent to my editorial team role to the best of my knowledge and my base pay would be around £160 per day.


In terms of the collaborative aspect of this project, the teams I felt most connected to were the Research Team in the first few weeks, as we were using their research on mindfulness and yoga to back up the concept for our Ellesse photoshoot. Later on in the project, I spoke to Branding in regards to the banners and the decision making on the imagery. Then at the end of the project, it would have been the Web and PR Team as we had to communicate with them when certain pieces of content would be sent to them for them to upload. We also asked the team what they needed from us in terms of content as the design and look of the website would have an effect on what we would create. In response to the event, I had conversations with a Ravensbourne Illustration student who was photographing at the event, which may come in handy if I required any illustrative work in the future. I also spoke to Stuart Ross Sheeran who is the Associate Creative Director at Pentland and Laura Sinclair who is the Senior Project Manager at Pentland, who both came to our event. I asked them what they thought about the PXL launch whilst they had a look through the Pixel Perspective document.


I have taken on roles during this project which I have been hesitant to take on in the past, such as the responsibility of the photographer for the Gen Glitch photoshoot. This is a significant step that has been taken to develop my work experience as it allowed me to evolve my skills within this pathway. I have also updated my LinkedIn profile with my role at PXL, to enhance my professional online presence.

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